1 Mar 2015

28th February - Sede Vacante - Two years later

February 28th 2013 the world saw a modern papal first with the abdication of Pope Benedict XVI from the See of St Peter. 

Over at Whispers in the Loggia, Roco takes us through that day 
Indeed, as head-spinners go, nothing in the current context – arguably nothing we've seen, ever – can compete with those 17 days in February 2013 between Benedict XVI's announcement of his resignation on the 11th and his departure from the Vatican at dusk on the 28th. Even if the modern information cycle holds its choicest rewards for the bright, shiny thing of the day – however fleeting it is – this moment deserved and still deserves more enduring attention than it got... and not just because, at some point in time, the reigning pontiff has quietly signaled his determination to follow suit and concretize the renunciation of the papacy in life as a matter of course. 
Ergo, let's go back to the scenes of that unbelievable night: first, B16's emotional, masterfully choreographed farewell from the Apostolic Palace and the chopper out...
Check out the videos and Rocco's commentary HERE including that hair raising scene of the dis-engagement of the Swiss guards at 8pm when the sede vacante came into force.

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