24 Mar 2015

The 'Mad' Nuns of Naples

We knew that Pope Francis was a popular man; but the cloistered nuns of Naples who had received permission to leave their enclosure for the day to see him were determined to do more than that!

From Catholic News Service:
Pope Francis was mobbed by nuns Saturday when he visited the cathedral in Naples to meet with priests, seminarians and religious. From our story:
- - -

Entering the cathedral, Pope Francis’ white cassock and his arms were yanked repeatedly by priests, seminarians and nuns wanting to touch him or attract his attention.
Calm reigned briefly after the pope reached the altar, but then Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe of Naples told the pope that, in accordance with canon law, he had ...given formal permission for the nuns in Naples’ seven cloistered convents to go out for the day.

The nuns, who had been seated in the sanctuary, broke free, running to the pope, surrounding him, hugging him, kissing his ring and piling gifts on his lap.
“Sisters, sisters, not now, later!” the cardinal shouted over the microphone to no avail. “Look what I have done,” he said, exasperated. “And these are the cloistered ones, imagine what the non-cloistered ones are like! Ay. They’re going to eat him alive.”
When order was restored, Pope Francis stood with several sheets of paper and told the congregation, “I prepared a speech, but speeches are boring.” So, he put the papers aside, sat down and began talking about how Jesus must be at the center of a consecrated person’s life, about life in community, about poverty and mercy.

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