26 May 2015

Lourdes - Fr Patrick Brennan

A miracle brushes across the fabric of earth’ s time
Disturbing the air, announcing with an angelic chime
The meeting of pilgrimage, journey’s towards eternity
Sacred perfumed scents procure a perpetual serenity.
Bernadette is the simplicity of uncomplicated poverty
Devotion encouraged, through a dedication to humility.
Soothing, chanted prayer, floats across the Lourdes air
Weakened feeble limbs are treated with reverential care
Praying for a miracle, willing the healing of life’s memory
This moving assembly possesses the heavenly remedy
Torches light the darkening sky, processing prayerfully
Celebrating Mary, the crowning glory of healed humanity.

Fr Patrick Brennan © 2015 all rights reserved