31 May 2015

Songs for Mary's month - Salve Regina

The traditional latin Marian hymn was a very popular suggestion. The Salve Regina, also known as the Hail Holy Queen, is a Marian hymn and one of four Marian antiphons sung at different seasons within the Christian liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church. The Salve Regina is traditionally sung at Compline in the time from the Saturday before Trinity Sunday until the Friday before the first Sunday of Advent. The Hail Holy Queen is also the final prayer of the Rosary.

The work was composed during the Middle Ages by German monk Hermann of Reichenau and originally appeared in Latin, the prevalent language of Western Christianity until modern times. Traditionally it has been sung in Latin, though many translations exist

"I have a few favourites but most favourite would have to be "Salve Regina" . The melody of this Latin plain chant  hymn  adds to the solemnity and warmth of the lyrics. I have fond memories of connecting with this hymn at various times in my life especially at the end of the day in a darkened chapel as I invoked the protection of  'Mater Miserecordia' 
With thanks for the invitation to share! "