4 Sep 2015

Several women and a man profess religious vows - CatholicIreland.net

“We are beginning to hear more stories like this throughout Ireland" among Catholic religious orders - Vocations Ireland.

Two first professions and the anniversary of the dedication of St Mary’s Abbey church have just been celebrated at Glencairn Abbey.

Last weekend, Sr Elizabeth Deasy’s First Profession took place on the 54th anniversary of the dedication of the Cistercian Abbey church in Co Waterford.

“This church stands as a visible sign of God and the beauty of the church points to the One who is Light and Beauty itself. Your own vowed life also will stand as a visible sign of God,” said Mother Marie Fahy, Abbess of St Mary’s in her chapter talk.

“Just as this church is a light-filled space, you also are called to be a light for people: by the honesty and integrity of your life, by the depth of your self-knowledge, by living in the truth.”

“As you worship in spirit and in truth, you are called to give light by your compassion for others and your willingness to share their concerns. You are called to give light through your union with God in liturgical and contemplative life.”

Earlier in the month on the Feast of St Bernard (20 August), Sr Angela Finegan made her First Profession marking the end of her formal novitiate period of formation, and initiating her as a junior professed member of the community.

She is now allowed to wear the black Cistercian Scapular and belt. She will continue her initial formation for a further three year period, renewing her vows on a yearly basis.

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