23 Sep 2015

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13 Fun Photos that Prove Nuns Know How to Party

27 Fascinating Photos of Pre-Vatican II Catholicism

Entrust Your Worries to Our Lady, Undoer of Knots
Nine Ways to Foster a Contemplative Church - Christianity Needs to Affirm Silent Prayer at the Congregational Level
Pope Francis: A Popular Pope on the Inevitable Cross
On Migration and Modern Values, Francis Offers Sharp Challenge to Western Comforts

Pope Francis visit to Cuba

Crux: Covering all things Catholic has extensive coverage of the papal visit to Cuba here. 
Pope Francis Goes Off-Script to Deliver Passionate Homily on Poverty - Francis ditches his speech after hearing the testimony of two "prophets"—a cardinal and a nun
Visit to Cuban shrine gives Pope quiet time for prayer
Lessons from Cuba on what to expect from Pope Francis in the US

Aboard papal plane, Francis defends his teaching on social issues

Full Transcript of Pope’s In-Flight Interview From Cuba to US
Pope Francis arrives in the US; denies being a leftist

Pope Francis visit to USA

The White House is more afraid of offending China’s president than the pope

The Limits of Papal Celebrity

Don’t Politicize The Pope! - A liberal Catholic fears that Pope Francis fans will use his trip as a political bludgeon.

Figuring out Francis: Bishop says Pope can be 'difficult' - Wildly popular but utterly unpredictable, the pope sometimes 'makes life difficult' for U.S. church leaders, Bishop David M. O'Connell says.

Pope Francis Is Not ‘Progressive’—He’s a Priest
"The Pope Has Landed"
‘This generation must tackle climate change,’ says Pope Francis at the White House
Pope to US bishops: It’s about love as much as doctrine
"I Have Not Come To Judge You" – The Shepherd Meets The "Flock" Long foreseen as the key ad intra message of this PopeTrip, at 11.30 Francis meets with the US bishops – numbering some 300, the global church's second largest national bench after Brazil's – in Washington's St Matthew's Cathedral. Having unusually stuck entirely to his script – and a remarkably intense one at that – below is the Vatican's English translation of Francis' sweeping address to the bishops: a cri de coeur call away from polarization, "narcissism," "harsh and divisive language" and toward being "close to people".

Pope Francis, in Washington, Addresses Poverty and Climate
Francis 2.0 emerges in America: Pope and Church are a package deal
His Holiness and Hizzoner: A New Yorker’s Dream - Gotham is used to strong personalities


Pope Francis meets with Little Sisters of the Poor, nuns involved in an Obamacare lawsuit

Reforming the church, reorienting our politics

Pope Francis and His Little Fiat

Who’s that with Pope Francis? The seven kinds of people you meet in a papal entourage.

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