19 Sep 2015

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Bucking a Trend, Some Millennials Are Seeking a Nun’s Life

Orthodox Patriarch of Constantinople rebukes Moscow, underlines importance of ties with Rome

WP - Conservative dissent is brewing inside the Vatican

Fr Dwight Longeknecker responds - Is “Conservative Dissent” Brewing Inside the Vatican?
The New Yorker - Holy Orders: A determined Pope Francis moves to reform a recalcitrant Curia.

Your Life Does Not Belong to You  - The denial of God carries with it the gravest implications

Popes in These United States

Pope reveals he carries small cross held by Iraqi priest as he was martyred

CNN - The Popes Dark Night of the Soul 

Crux -  Fun facts and more about life aboard the papal plane

CNA - Pope Francis will arrive to Cuba as a 'missionary of mercy'

Pope Francis to consecrated youth: service without stint 

Holden Village Journal

Child of Her Time: St Hildegard of Bingen 

3 myths about grief

Rounding the Curtain: Embracing the Senselessness of Grief

Holding each other loosely - After my wife’s brain aneurysm

Illness as hermitage - How Parkinson’s became my spiritual practice

God Gave Birth

United in suffering - Martyrdom as Christian vocation

Some Holy Ghost

Like a Day I Never Knew

Learning to Pray

Breda O’Brien: Women tell me their stories about abortion all the time

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