4 Oct 2015

Has the world gone mad or is it me?

Over at Humblepiety, Fr Patrick asks the questions which a lot of us probably ask ourselves a lot.
Has the world gone mad or is it me?

This week October arrived, it was expected, announcing its arrival with an advert campaign behind it to “Stoptober” If you want to give up smoking, it is a good month for you. If you don’t smoke, it, depending on your life outlook, is just another month on the treadmill of life, or another month to engage in, while on the gifted journey and miracle that is life! So it is here and it presents opportunities for reflection......

There seems to be a different ends of the spectrum trying to influence to their way of thinking the outcome of the synod. Those who have expectations for wholesale changes are unrealistic. The Church seeks ways to accompany people, but not on a high speed train, rather a steam train, gently rattling beside the journey taken. The Church does not flatter the prevailing whim of the times, or bow down to the spirit of the day, she preserves and safeguards the values that Christ instituted, and that is how it should be. I do not have a right, to do what I want all of the time, and just because I can, does not mean that I should! The Church is not here to cause pain, it may seem that way to many, but the healing balm of Christ is the essence and heart of the Church.
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