23 Oct 2015

Some web browsing.........

Some web browsing to have with that cuppa......

Vocation Station

Synod, Week Two: The Information War

Can You Drink the Cup?

Sitting Still: When Doing Nothing is Actually Something

Faith of Our Mothers

Oldest Draft of King James Bible Discovered

Final knell sounds for RTÉ's Angelus bells after 53 years

Ombudsman warns of normalisation of euthanasia

Did Thomas More and John Fisher Die For Nothing? - Following the words of Christ himself, the Church has always taught that divorce and remarriage is simply adultery by another name

10 Things You Should Never Say to a Nun

Pope Francis Appears to Be Discerning “Decentralization” of Authority - Synod acts "with Peter and under Peter," says Pope, while suggesting Peter's role may evolve

When a Catholic Bishop Baptized his Muslim Father

“The Bible Is an Extremely Dangerous Book,” Pope Tells Young People - In prologue to new youth bible, Francis reveals personal relationship with Scripture

RTE is a step closer to killing off the Angelus once and for all

Mother Teresa may be declared saint next year - Church leaders in India have requested the Pope last week to fast-track the remaining proceedings.

Pope Francis creates Vatican office combining laity, family, life issues

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