28 Oct 2015

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A Tribute to Maureen O'Hara: The Queen of Technicolor

Maureen O’Hara Said Secret to Her Longevity was Saying a ‘Hail Mary’ Every Night

Chartres Cathedral: Sooty-Dark or Sparkling White, It’s Still Saving Souls - While the debate rages on over the restoration of the French Cathedral, we are reminded of its greater purpose

One of the best reflections and suggestions about what to do After the Synod

Cardinal Pell’s Intervention at the “Virtual Synod”: Don’t Believe the Spin - The teachings of Jesus Christ, the Council of Trent and the magisterium of Pope John Paul II are still in full force
CNN - Why are some Catholics so afraid of change?

What the Synod Did

The Catholic Herald has a round up of links about the Synod - John Allen, Fr Ray Blake, Archbishop Mark Coleridge, Archbishop Blase Cupich, Fr Raymond J de Souza, Grant Gallicho, Rick Garnett, David Gibson, Christopher Lamb, Fr James Martin SJ, Fr Gerald Murray and Robert Royal, Rocco Palmo, Fr Thomas Reese SJ, Rorate Caeli, Russell Shaw, Tim Stanley, John Thavis, Damian Thompson and Michael Sean Winters comment on the family synod.

From the synod (17): Cardinal Nichols on pathway for divorced and remarried: ‘It’s their decision’

From the synod (16): Final report sets new direction for Church

Cardinal Daniel DiNardo: The Church Must Do More to Prepare Couples before Marriage - An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, Archbishop says 

Thoughts on Heresy v The Plot to Change Catholicism
Diversity in the church - photos from the Mass opening the Academic Year at the Pontifical Oriental Institute with a Mass at the Basilica of Saint Mary Major; note the varied vestments of the different Eastern Churches in communion with the Holy See.

Pope urges Gypsies to take responsibility for their present and their future
Abortion, LGBT, Prostitution: Amnesty International Loses Its Way - Founded by Christians, the famous INGO has betrayed its original vocation
Sickness as a Harbinger of Death - "I am reminded that there is no one and nothing in this world I can hold onto indefinitely in this life"
At Age 26, She Left Everything to Enter the Convent - "A folly in the eyes of men, but not to God."
Craving Silence, Silencing My Craving - The world is a noisy place; cultivating interior silence can help

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