31 Jan 2018

Did you ever wonder about particular patron saints for particular things?

Each week on the programme we take a walk through the saints who will be commemorated in the liturgy in the week ahead. But have you ever wondered who was the patron saint of different things?

  • Did you know that John the Evangelist was patron saint of editors, authors, art dealers, tanners, and theologians? 
  • That St Damian and St Dunstan of Canturbury are patron saints of those with blindness?
  • For those suffering from diabetes or trying to not develop Type II diabetes St Paulina do Coração Agonizante de Jesus would be the woman whose intercession you would seek?
  • If you suffer from piles, St Fiacre is the man you want to be having a word with? 
  • If you are parent of a little one with teething pains, calpol and a prayer to St Blaise might be of some assistance!

If you would like SS102fm team to investigate and find the patron saint of a particular things, place, event or ailment please let us know and we can share it on our weekly programme!

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