6 Jan 2018

Our New Podcast Home!

Podcast Update for our Listeners

Regular listeners and readers will have noticed that we have had some technical problems with our podcasts over the last few weeks but hopefully we have come to a resolution of the issue.

So for 2018 John and Shane decided to make their lives a little more complicated when it comes to podcasts :)

As regular listeners and readers will know, the SS102fm programme is recorded at the Come & See Inspirations studio in Ardagh in west Limerick and is then broadcast on West Limerick 102fm. Each week we have posted a link to the recording of that weeks programme and generally an excerpt from the programme for our listeners.

For 2018 those podcasts will now be available on SS102fm blog as usual but also on our new podcast homepage Come & See Inspirations which is hosted on the Buzzsprout podcasting platform. The podcast page will host our weekly radio programme podcasts as usual but also provides scope for Come & See Inspirations to publish other talks, reflections and audio recordings which we would like to share with our listeners which may not necessarily get broadcast on SacredSpace102fm.

The new page will also allow us to get listed in some podcast directories including iTune, Stitcher and Google Player for those of you looking to download and listen to the programmes. 

We are still working through what it will mean for our archive of programmes and will let you know how that goes.

In the meantime thanks for listening!


The SS102fm Team

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