13 Jan 2018

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‘God’s Tramp’ Who Suffered Like Job Given Vatican Burial

Bishop Leahy highlights asylum seekers’ “dire circumstances”

Address by Bishop Brendan Leahy to Child Safeguarding Conference in Limerick

Pope Francis: we need to observe silence in the Mass
Pope Francis: Why is silence so important during Mass?

Bullying is the devil’s work, says Pope Francis

Pray with courage, conviction, not mindlessly like a parrot, pope says
Are You Praying or Simply Reciting Prayers?

World Meeting host still ‘astonishingly religious’ Survey shows that despite reputation, Irish remain one of the most devout populations in Europe 

Holly Butcher left this world on January 4th, 2018 and had written these words for her family to post after her death. 

Irish bishop: ‘Abortion ends the life of an unborn girl or boy,’ it shouldn’t be legal
Primate fires first shot in abortion debate 
Pastoral Message for the new year 2018 from Archbishop Eamon Martin: “To Serve Human Life is to Serve God” 

Let the call be heard - Benedictine Oblates, monastics 'must raise our voices together' - The question of the day is a simple one but potentially life-changing one: The question is, why would anyone even bother to get attached to a Benedictine monastery? What is the purpose of doing something like that?

From Christmas to Candlemas, let the light last

NYTimes to Cardinal Tobin: Prove That God is Real - “The most mind-boggling miracle is the incarnation,” said the cardinal.

Pope Francis gives joy of circus to Rome’s poor - Pope Francis offers the joy of a night at the circus to Rome's poor through the Papal Almoner, taking the opportunity to provide the services of health care professionals to those in need.

Smiles all around as Pope Francis takes the poor to the circus

Syrian archbishop avoids death by seconds after bomb lands on bed 

Liturgy and sexuality: the battle over Paul VI
WoF - Bishop Barron on Contraception and social change - "This coming July, we will mark the 50th anniversary of Pope Paul VI’s deeply controversial encyclical letter “Humanae vitae.” But I would like to draw particular attention to a remarkable passage in this encyclical, namely section 17, in which Paul VI plays the prophet and lays out, clearly and succinctly, what he foresees as consequences of turning away from the Church’s classic teaching on sex."
Catholics aren’t obsessed with sex—they are obsessed with life 
50 tumultuous years after ‘Humanae Vitae’
Cardinal Parolin: Amoris Laetitia Represents New Paradigm, Spirit and Approach - The Vatican Secretary of State’s comments come amid unease that the document is being used by some to alter Church teaching, specifically regarding the Church’s ban on artificial contraception.

Nigerian Police Rescue Six Kidnapped Nuns

Aleteia - This is why we should take our kids to the graves of loved ones  

RIP Brett Haubrich, the little boy who was ‘priest for a day’

The Bishop’s Private Chapel

The Irish Church and the ‘Benedict option’ 

Archbishop Martin and Ireland’s ‘dying breed’ of Catholics 

A bunker mentality when it comes to the media is simply self-defeating for the Church

Ireland’s oldest Catholic mission magazine celebrates 100 years

Nollaig na mBan appeal for the rights of infants and their mothers

Christmas Message of Patriarch Kirill of Moscow

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