19 Jan 2012

Limerick - Peru Mission: Welcoming 2012 in El Resucitado Parish

Limerick diocese has a strong link with Peru via the good work of Fr Derek Leonard and Fr David Costello. Dereks blog gives us an insight into the parish, its people and how we can help. The latest article 'Welcoming 2012 in El Resucitado", provides joyful news, inspiration and challenge for us all this January.

Derek writes: "We ended 2011 with our annual Christmas party for the children from out three Parish "Comedores" (kitchens). Nearly 300 children attended from the Comedores "St.Nessan", "Padraig" and "Lily-Sue". Fr Derek and the team ensured every child received a present: for many their only present this Christmas.


A simple idea we might learn from. Families brought their 'baby Jesus' from the family crib and placed it before the altar at Christmas Mass. The statue was blessed and then carried home by the children.


The Kitchens (Comedores) remain vital for the parish. "Each year we receive new children, suffering from malnutrition into our kitchens. Thankfully,as time moves on, the situation with some families improve and there is no longer a need for their children to continue coming to our kitchens. Sadly,because of the ongoing poverty, there are always new children to take their place".


If you would like to help the parish of El Resucitado, you can send a donation to :

Derek Leonard Peru A/C
A/C No: 76544063 Sort Code: 904309

Bank of Ireland, 125 O'Connell St. Limerick

Alternatively, you can drop a donation into :

Limerick Diocesan Office
Social Service Centre, Upper Henry Street, Limerick

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.

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