4 Jan 2012

RTE Religious Programming

For those who might be interested some programming from RTE:

Dom Mark Patrick Hederman
- The Irish Times
New Years Eve, Marian Finucane interviewed Dom Mark Patrick Hederman, Abbot of Glenstal Abbot. As always Dom Mark has some extremely thought provoking insights. Link to interview podcast here.

RTE is celebrating its 50th anniversary as the national television broadcaster and they are currently trawling through the archives. One of the programmes shown was a gentle, respectful yet informative interview with Mother Teresa of Calcutta which was repeated on 4th January 2012. Link to interview on the RTE Player here.

Please bear in mind that the RTE Player may not work in countries outside of the Republic of Ireland and that programmes on the RTE Player are usually only available for 30 days after broadcast.


  1. Thanks so much for this.
    The Hederman interview is brilliant and deserves wider transmission. I love the analogy between Ryan Air and the Roman church.Classic.

    Is there any way that Dom Hederman can copy it and put it on his own blog/website that would extend the 30 day RTE rule ?
    I don't know why and I don't always agree with him but this man is a breath of fresh air and an inspiration, genuinely original and he certainly has a charism that draws me to want to listen.(Given that my attention span is short these days that's quite something.)

  2. If the transmission mp3 is not possible would it be possible to get a transcript of the interview?
    It's such a pity because there are loads of people abroad who would love to hear this.

  3. Philomena - I agree with you, Dom Hederman is a breath of fresh air. Like you I dont always agree with him but he always challenges and inspires me either in interviews, articles or his books. Sorry for the confusion, Dom Hedermans interview is a podcast on the Marian Finucane Show and as far as I know there is no time limit on the podcasts and they are available from the RTE website and also on iTunes. The 30 day limit is for tv programmes on the RTE Player. In terms of a transcript you could always contact the show and see if they could do anything. RTE generally offers to make shows available if people contact them.