15 Jan 2012

Spring Cleaning

Just a quick note to visitors and regular readers. We are doing a bit of a spring clean of the blog and moving the furniture around a small bit at the minute so bear with us please. We are also testing to make sure the links and resources we have along both sides of the page are still functioning and adding some more as we go.

So far you should have a look at the new resources added under Daily Prayer as well as some new recommended blogs in our blogroll. We also recommend the new pages which are listed across the top of the blog page where we have seperated out some of our podcasts onto various pages, a seperate page for our Prayer Intentions for 2012 as well as a quick link to the most current programme that is on the blog for ease of access.

If you have any suggestions or comments please leave them in the comment box or drop us a line on the programme email.

And again, thanks for stopping by!

Sacred Space 102fm Team.

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