13 Jan 2012

Some web browsing.............

Our first web browsing of 2012:
An online video which has generated a lot of debate online entitled "Why I hate Religion but Love Jessus" - this post from Patheos.com has some of the best analysis and response from a Catholic perspective. Here is another response from a Poet.

Fr David Barnes has an interesting reflection on the story from the gospels of the curing of the paralyetic who was let down through the roof to Jesus - A Hole in the Church Roof.

Out of Antartica: We never know where God will take us!

Dr Jeff Mirus reflects: "Shakespeare’s Richard III begins with Richard lamenting the triumphal accession of his brother, King Edward IV, to the throne of England. His words are intended bitterly: “Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by this sun of York.” Richard, an ugly hunchback, will have no part in this joy and gaiety; he is plotting his own rise to power. Thus do all of our discontents, when deliberately nourished, lead us on to evil. On any given day, I may find myself discontented about many things, and I suspect I am not alone. For me, the tendency is exacerbated in winter......." Continue reading here.

The Ripples of Generosity - Unseen - In God's economy, giving without thought of a return is never for nothing.

The Church has confidence in young people!

Discovering the joys of silence on retreat around Christmas - The Joy of Quiet.
Dublin’s Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has used his World Day of Peace message to appeal for a “mature” debate about the role of faith in society and warned against crude caricatures of religion

Digitalnun reflects on The Importance of Sisters.

A short piece looking at the role of the See of Alexandria and the impact on Christians in Egypt of recent changes there - A Requiem for the Third See of Christendom.

"Referring to the rite of ordination of bishops, the Pope listed their tasks: "Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, going ahead and leading, guarding the sacred heritage of our faith, showing mercy and charity to the needy and the poor, thus mirroring God’s merciful love for us, and finally, praying without ceasing"."......Interesting thoughts for our new papal nuncio on the day of his ordination as bishop

An Irish man's reflections on Christmas in Rome - Reflecting on Christmas.

Christmas may be over for another year, but it is never too late to Unwrap a Post-Christmas silence - We have allowed silence to become a gift forgotten. In the post-Christmas week, try to make time for the sort of silence in which you can hear life.
Criminal serving his sentence with monks pleads to be sent back to prison... because monastery life is too hard.

Blue Eyed Ennis has a couple of interesting reflections (plus she gets a high recommendation from the Sacred Space 102fm team - pop over and say hello!):
A Catholic Dad has a reflection On Ordinary Time.

Deacon Greg points out A Liturgical practice to give you paws......

Do The Three Abrahamic Faiths Worship The Same God?

Papal nuncio faces tough task in mending relations - an interview with the new papal nuncio to Ireland, Archbishop Charles Brown.

Are you a Christmas Christian, Easter Christian or
Ordinary Time Christian?

Our relationship with death and dying is the focus of Elizabeth Scalia's reflection in
Bringing Death into the Light was never crazy.

A very strong editorial from the Irish Catholic newspaper -
Lifting the fog.

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