6 Apr 2012



When I feared that even a bee might sting you
Still more that a blemish might result,
When it fluttered near your checks (just like an apricot, or golden blossom

If someone had told me that soon men
would lay their hands on such beauty,
to destroy before summer
the pristine fruit promised for autumn,

I would have hidden in the depths of my breast
The goodness of God who is all my being
And would have borne his torture myself......

Is it right that my sorrow
at the scourge which strikes your heart
should received an echo, but no wound?

Miroir de peine ('Mirror of Pain') by the Belgian poet Henri Gheon (the pen name of Henri Vangeon) is a set of five poems which describe Christ's sufferings from the point of view of his mother Mary. Hendrick Andriessen composed his setting in 1923

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