4 Jun 2015

Ad multos annos Fr Paul Glennon

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin with Fr Paul Glennon (l) and Fr Christopher Derwin (r)

Back on 22nd June 2014 we had an interview with then deacon Paul Glennon who shared with us his on-going journey towards priesthood. Paul was then one of the 15 men ordained deacon in Maynooth on June 1st 2014 for the archdiocese of Dublin but he also has links to the Emmanuel Community in Ireland (you can learn more about the community from our previous blog posts HERE). He told us of his re-discovery of faith through the Charismatic Conference, his experience at WYD2005 in Cologne and how he went on to explore his faith and the Emmanuel School of Mission in Rome with the Emmanuel Community before starting the journey to ordination.

SS102fm extends its heartiest congratulations to Fr Paul Glennon who was ordained by Archbishop Diarmuid Martin yesterday - feast of St Kevin - in Dublin. Ad multos annos Fr Glennon!!!

Irish Independent report - Ex-barman and engineer join priesthood

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