14 Jun 2015

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“World’s faithful are asking us to establish common date for celebration of Easter”

2067: the end of British Christianity

Medjugorje Decision Will Take ‘Months,’ Says Vatican Spokesman

Meet the Fantastically Bejeweled Skeletons of Catholicism’s Forgotten Martyrs - In his new book, art historian and author Paul Koudounaris elucidates the macabre splendor and tragic history of Europe’s catacomb saints

There is a certain view out there that the Catholic channel at Patheos is a tad "right" wing. Max Lindemann pens "An Open Letter to A Liberal Reader" in response.

Pope Francis' message to priests: “Don’t scare off God’s people"

The Irish Times - Faith and the God of surprises
The Irish Time - Vincent Twomey: Sentiment trumped reason in marriage referendum

America - Irish Referendum on Same Sex Marriage is Challenge for Whole Church

NCR - Slide Into Secularism; What the Marriage Referendum Says About Ireland

NCR - Is This the Death of the Catholic Church in Ireland?

QUIZ: Can You Identify These Liturgical Objects?

Catholic Herald - The women whose voices the pro-choice lobby doesn’t want to hear

Atheists share with Christians the plight of being persecuted worldwide for their convictions. They must unite to demand the freedom to follow their beliefs – whatever they may be - Catholics must stick up for atheists

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