16 Jun 2015

Pope Francis Environmental Encyclical - Laudato Si - UPDATED

One blog post bringing together the links and resources already posted in advance of the publication of Laudato Sii. It will be updated over the next couple of days.

17th June 2015

Laudato Eve... Almost.
Concern for the poor is not Communism, Pope says in homily

16th June 2015


The ongoing drama of the leak of the draft by Sandro Magister:

15th June 2015


14th June 2015

Get ready for the newest summer blockbuster. No, it’s not Jurassic World — it’s even bigger, crazier, and more action packed: a religious document issued by the pope. The new encyclical is set to address climate change and humanity’s moral obligation to fight it. But unlike any encyclical ever issued before, this one has an epic (unofficial) movie trailer. (Continue reading HERE and the trailer is below!)

10th June 2015


1. Remember it’s not only about climate change.2. Climate change “propaganda” – According to whom?3. The Church is not walking into another “Galileo Affair”4. Regardless of our preferences, the encyclical has something to say to everyone.5. Collective action on the environment is inherently Catholic.6. Read it, absorb it, and talk about it!
9th June 2015

2nd June 2015

As the publication date of Pope Francis encyclical on the environment approaches, it is interesting to note that the initial outlines of the new encyclical were given at an address by Cardinal Peter Turkson at the Pontifical University in Maynooth back in March 2015:
Analysis of the yet unpublished encyclical continues
26th May 2015

Papal authority and Climate change - as we head into the summer and the approaching publication date of Pope Francis' encyclical on the environment and climate change there is a lot of disquiet and opposition growing in certain quarters of the church - before we even see a word of the encyclical! 

Other articles which have caught our eye in relation to it:

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