4 Jun 2015

June 3rd - Anniversary of Fr Ragheed Ganni - QoTD

June 3rd was the 8th death anniversary of Ragheed Ganni, a Christian martyred in Iraq and a former student of the Irish college in Rome.

Here’s a thought provoking quote from him:

"Each day we wait for the decisive attack, but we will not stop celebrating Mass; we will do it underground, where we are safer. I am encouraged in this decision by the strength of my parishioners. This is war, real war, but we hope to carry our cross to the very end with the help of Divine Grace... The Eucharist gives back to us the life that the terrorists seek to take away"

(Fr Ragheed Ganni, shortly before his martyrdom for the Faith on June 3rd, 2007).

You can read more about him here

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