24 Mar 2016

Chrism Mass 2016 - Limerick

The Chrism Mass was held last night in St. John's Cathedral, Limerick at which the Oil of Baptism, Oil of the Sick and Chrism Oil are consecrated for the Diocese for 2016 and where the priests renew their promises.  The particular focus of this year's Chrism Mass was the corporal and spiritual works of mercy in this Year of Mercy. 

Bishop Brendan Leahy and Bishop Donal Murray
In this Jubilee Year of Mercy, Bishop Brendan extended a particularly welcome to those who give witness to what we refer to as the spiritual and corporal works of mercy in their personal and professional life. For instance, those working in the community/social service area along with the disability sector and those who assist others with acts by which we help our neighbours with their material, physical, moral and spiritual needs. Essentially those who help and are helped within our community.

As Bishop Brendan Leahy reminded us "when people met Jesus, they met mercy."  Bishop Brendan continued: "The highest form of love is mercy. Mercy isn’t just about forgiveness. We live in merciful love when we see, love and serve Jesus in one another." 

Pilgrims who regularly attend the Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes bringing up the Oil of the Sick

Bishop Brendan again reminded us that merciful love is the only response to terrorism and fear:

"The corporal and spiritual works of mercy really matter. When we think of the terrorism we have seen in recent days, and the many conflicts of our world, the plight of the poor and the new forms of slavery around us, the situation of refugees and the destruction of the environment, we realise that our world will not be saved if the love that is merciful does not spread in our hearts, minds and lives. 

The instinct right after the horrific attacks in Brussels might, understandably, be to pull back and close in on ourselves out of fear. But that would merely give in to people behind such attacks, people who merely want separation, mistrust and fear. If anything now is the time to increase our corporal and spiritual works of mercy, opening up in a new way to people, not least to the migrants whose culture we don’t know."

The full text of Bishop Brendan's homily is well worth reading and is available HERE.

The Chrism Mass was a signed Mass and accessible to the Deaf Community. The Hands in Harmony Deaf Community Choir whose Facebook page is available HERE gave a special performance at the end of the Chrism Mass, which again is well worth a look. The video of the Chrism Mass is available HERE

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