24 Mar 2016

Anniversary of Blessed Oscar Romero

Today is the 36th anniversary of the death and martyrdom of Blessed Oscar Romero. The prophetic voice of this outspoken and fearless shepherd was silenced by an assassin's bullet as he celebrated Mass. But his legacy lives on in the lives of the El Salvadoran people and all those who stand up and protect the poor and vulnerable of our society.

Fr James Martin SJ - Today is not only Holy Thursday but also the Feast of Blessed Oscar Romero. (It won't be celebrated during Mass because it's Holy Thursday.) Here is a unique video meditation, which uses Salvadoran art to illustrate Romero's life, from the Romero Trust. There have been reports that Pope Francis hopes to canonize him in El Salvador and beatify his friend Rutilio Grande, SJ. Yesterday in my community someone suggested that the Pope might even canonize Blessed Oscar in the very cathedral where he preached his dramatic last homily, and where his funeral Mass was celebrated. Santo subito.

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