26 Mar 2016

Holy Saturday

There is no liturgy on Holy Saturday.  We spend the day reflecting upon the powerful reality of Jesus' death.  What is important is that we keep this day holy, and let our “sense” of the mystery of death shape our reflection, and our longing to celebrate the Easter gift of Jesus alive, for us and with us. 
If we are able to celebrate the Easter Vigil, we can renew our Baptismal Promises in a way the completes our Lenten journey to the font.  We offer a renewal of our Baptismal promises here, which we might do, in these or similar words, which any of us might make as we keep a vigil of readings and prayer Saturday night, or early Easter Sunday Morning.

“On Holy Saturday, the Church waits at the Lord's tomb in prayer and fasting, meditating on his Passion and Death and on his Descent into Hell, and awaiting his Resurrection.
The Church abstains from the Sacrifice of the Mass with the sacred table left bare, until after the solemn Vigil, that is, the anticipation by night of the Resurrection, when the time comes for paschal joys, the abundance of which overflows to occupy 50 days.

Band: Céli Dé collective
Album: Hymns of Passion and Resurrection
Hymn: Caoineadh na dtrí Muire - The Lament of the Three Marys.

Verse 1
Nó an é sin an maicín a h-oileadh in ucht Mháire?
Óchón agus óchón-ó
An é sin an maicín a d'iompar mé trí raithe?
Óchón agus óchón-ó

Verse 2
Nó an é sin an maicín a rugadh insan stábla?
Óchón agus óchón-ó
A mhicín a mhúirneach, tá do shrón 's do bhéailín gearrtha
Óchón agus óchón-ó

Verse 3
Cuireadh táirní maola trína cosa is trína lámha
Óchón agus óchón-ó
Cuireadh an tsleá trína bhrollach álainn
Óchón agus óchón-ó

English Translation
Verse 1
Is that the son nourished at Mary's breast
"Alas and woe to me"
Or is that the son I carried three terms
"Alas and woe to me"

Verse 2
Or is that the son born in the stable
"Alas and woe to me"
My son my darling your nose and mouth are cut
"Alas and woe to me"

Verse 3
Blunt nails were driven through his feet and hands
"Alas and woe to me"
The spear was put through his beautiful chest
"Alas and woe to me"

Today, the earth in vigil keeps
The Sabbath of the Bridegroom blest.
The Cross, in stillness, bare now stands,
As Christ the Lord is laid to rest.
Today, the pow’r of hell is crushed.
The gates of bronze are trampled down.
The Lord of life now marches in
To wake the dead and claim his crown.
Today, he calls them, by their names,
Those souls enslaved since Adam’s Fall.
He comes to save them from hell’s grasp:
The Christ, who died to save them all.
Today, our righteous forebears sing,
And David’s harp rings out in praise
Of Christ, their conq’ring risen Lord,
Who lives and reigns for length of days.
Reflection for Holy Saturday - Creighton University
2014 SS102fm reflections for Holy Saturday including the Reading from an ancient homily for Holy Saturday

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