6 Mar 2016

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Pope: murdered Missionaries of Charity are martyrs of indifference

Inside the Heart of God: Holding My Daughter as She Lay Dying - People say there are no words for this, but there are ...

The Mystery in the Mundane

How the Commandant of Auschwitz Found God’s Mercy - Not even an "animal" like Rudolf Höss is exempt from Christ's forgiveness, Polish nun says

Against Liturgy Shaming - Is endangering your soul by promoting ridicule and viral hate campaigns really the best way to push liturgical reform?

Giving What Is Holy to Dogs - A lesson learned in front of the Blessed Sacrament 

A Millennial’s Guide to Lent - Maybe our sacrifices won't be heroic, but let's at least make 'em hurt

Blessed Sacrament Front and Center: God’s Living Presence Clear in Madison Churches

How to say Morning Prayer (a.k.a. Lauds) in only Three Hours!

Pope Francis meets with Brother Alois of the Taizé Community

Suicide Among the Ceasefire Babies - In the years following the Troubles, a period of intense violence in Northern Ireland, young people have been killing themselves in alarming numbers.

‘Catholics shouldn’t apologise for their faith’

Why the religious kill - Lord Jonathon Sacks

Lord Sacks awarded Templeton Prize

Nostra Aetate: Fifty Years On

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