15 Mar 2016

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Ob/gyn learned her baby would die but chose to treasure the pregnancy

Holy See Rejects Abortion and Contraception as Part of UN’s “Reproductive Health” Goals. In Women's Day seminar, Cardinal Peter Turkson clarifies support for UN Sustainable Development Goals

"Women, of All People, Know That Abortion Is a Failure of Love …” - Heather King's short e-book shares stark truths about abortion learned the hard, hard way. From Amazon, the description of the book by Heather:
"I came of age during the ‘60’s and ‘70’s. I’m a former waitress, an ex-lawyer, a sober barfly, a Catholic convert, and a self-supporting writer. I’ve been financially independent all my life. But I’ve never much been able to reduce the mystical to the political. I’ve never been much moved to call myself a feminist. The feminists had said that sleeping around would be empowering. The feminists had maintained that “choosing” would make me free. The feminists had asserted that there’d be no repercussions. The feminists had been wrong.

That I’m for life—and against abortion, war, the prison industry, capital punishment, and hypocrisy—is a given. That I’m for life is why I suffered, in silence, in guilt, sorrow, for over twenty years.

Even women, who will talk about anything, don’t talk about abortion. But I do, in this 10,000-word essay that I hope might open the door to a new way of thinking about and talking about this difficult subject. Because abortion is not a political issue; abortion is a mystical issue. Abortion is a matter of emotional and spiritual poverty, of what we inherit from our parents and what we pass on to our children, of what we absorb from a culture that is saturated with violence. As Dostoevsky’s observed: “Love in reality is a harsh and dreadful thing compared to love in dreams.”   
"Poor Baby" is the tragicomic story of a harsh and dreadful thing. May it shed some light on our collective yearning for love."
Why Beauty Will Save the World

Ecumenical problem number one: Russians barely know what the Catholic Church is

Bishops hail ‘hugely significant’ Irish-language Missal

Pope's Russian outreach stirs anxieties

A Habit of Visual Witness in a Noisy, Distracted World 40 years later, can an argument be made for the religious habit?

“I Went Into Mass as An Atheist and Came out a Believer” From founding an alternative "green" community to becoming a Trappist monk

‘You Can See It All Over. It’s Unwinding’ 

4 Big Mistakes We've Made With Catechesis

Ireland in 2016 needs a new social ethic: Archbishop 

Archbishops in show of unity ahead of St Patrick Day

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