15 Feb 2016

Inheritance - Audrey Assad's new album

One young Christian song writer who we like here on SS102fm is Audrey Assad and we have posted the above video a couple of times.
The daughter of a Syrian refugee, an author, speaker, producer, and critically lauded songwriter and musician. She has just released a new album Inheritance.
Assad grew up in the Plymouth Brethren community, which is where she learned to sing, but she became a Catholic when she was nineteen. She told CBN back in 2013 why she became Catholic: “I always found it really beautiful-looking and sounding and smelling, all the different rituals and aesthetics of the churches and architecture. Then, as I got older and started reading a lot of theology and exploring the faith of Christianity, I found myself enamored with the oldness more than anything.” Inheritance is, therefore, a collection of songs that Assad literally inherited from both the Protestant and Catholic hymn traditions, along with two original songs that she co-wrote with (fellow Catholic) singer-songwriter Matt Maher.
Check out the interesting review over at Word on Fire Ministries by Fr Damien Ference - Her Hymns: A Review of Audrey Assad's “Inheritance”

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