13 Feb 2016

Pope Francis in Mexico - And his request of the Mexican people, time alone with Our Lady of Guadalupe

The Pope's trip to Mexico is full of life and surprises as can only be expected from the Land of the Aztecs!

Trying to keep up with what is a very full five day trip will be challenging but the main event is tonight when Pope Francis will travel to the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalope in el Cerrito de Tepeyac to beg the help of Madre nuestra, la Virgen Morena – the "Little Dark Lady" of Guadalupe.

Even more so that Pope John Paul II, it can be said the Pope Francis is a very marian Pope and that his trip to Mexico in the middle of the Jubilee Year of Mercy and at the beginning of Lent when usually the Pope and Curia go on their Lenten retreat is very much a visit to Our Lady. As Francis himself said:

"I am going to Mexico. First of all to visit Our Lady, because she is the Mother of America. That is why I am going to Mexico City. Were it not for Our Lady of Guadalupe, I would not go to Mexico City.... I’ll go to Mexico for Our Lady."

Check out Rocco's analysis and back ground to the Popes visit to the Madonna of Guadalupe which is comprehensive as always - "Hijo, He Ahí Tu Madre" – For Guadalupe, The Pope's Crowning Glory


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