12 Feb 2016

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Irish Catholic - Revealed: only 46 Catholic schools oversubscribed - The number of Catholic primary schools that are being forced to turn away pupils is dramatically lower than has been claimed, The Irish Catholic can reveal. Despite claims by politicians and commentators that one in five Catholic schools are over-subscribed and therefore forced to apply a ‘Catholics first’ policy meaning some non-Catholics are excluded, research conducted by this newspaper nationally has shown the figure to be less than 2%

A Cross Trampled and Rescued, Now Traveling With Me - I’ve been given this cross, and I’m going to use it this season

3 years after Benedict XVI retired, will his reforms endure?

Three years on from Ratzinger’s resignation, Paglia says it was mercy that drove him to step down

Three years ago brought history’s greatest act of papal humility

The silent reform of Benedict XVI’s papacy

A Few Choice Words From the (Not-Silent) Cloister - A Dominican nun is fed up with the erroneous "vow of silence" cliché

Five Ideas for Responding to a Refusal to Reconcile 

The Church can't explain away sin or call it by another name... 

Henry VIII chapel hosts first Catholic service in 450 years

First Catholic service at Hampton Court in 450 years 

Praying with Carmelites: ‘No Greater Love’

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