23 Feb 2016

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Bishops urge voters to put right to life No.1

The right to life must be a non-negotiable election issue - Nuala O Loan

Abortion is a major election issue - It is "very difficult to see how any Catholic could, in good conscience, vote for a candidate or a political party whose policy it is to legalise abortion" - Bishop Doran.

The unvarnished desert

Did St. Thérèse of Lisieux Send Roses to Pope Francis in Mexico?

Monotasking this Lent

Reminding people that God is a reality - "We should not forget the quiet but vibrant faith which still remains", writes Andrew O'Connell

Discernment in a Nutshell

Moscow patriarch visits Antarctica

Head of Ukrainian Catholic Church consoled by pope's words

Papal preacher begins weekly Lenten sermons

Church of Nativity undergoes restoration project

Pope Francis: Abortion is evil, not the solution to Zika virus

Nothing to Celebrate - The seriousness of a society’s funeral rites speaks volumes about the seriousness of a society, for the way we treat the dead is really a function of how we value life

Ever Ancient, Ever New: Audrey Assad Discusses “Inheritance” Her new album will become the soundtrack for many to the Year of Mercy

Shortage of Priestly Vocations? Not at This Midwestern Parish. Saints Peter and Paul in Naperville, Illinois, lets us in on their secret

“This Sinner, Antonin Scalia …” and Why We Are Here A deep appreciation of Fr. Paul Scalia's remarkable homily at his father's funeral

Liberty's Rise and Fall - A modern history of religious freedom- how the Catholic Church moved from the sacristy to the street

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