27 Feb 2016

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Meeting with Pope was prepared in secret because of too many opponents – Patriarch Kirill

Filipinos recall revolution 30 years after Marcos was toppled

WoF - "Risen” and the Reality of the Resurrection

Canadian archbishop: no anointing for people planning assisted suicide

To lift Mother Angelica’s spirits we should pray to the Divine Infant

The Secret Privilege of “Offering it Up” - One cannot participate, even infinitesimally, in Christ’s agonies without participating in the expansion of his mercy toward all

A Bride of Christ on Her 29th Birthday - A married woman sees her vocation in the consecration of a nun

A Badass Feminist Can’t Hide the Truth About Abortion - The author of "Twenty Tips for Your First Abortion" says more about the experience than she perhaps intended

Where Are the Thin Places? - Really, they are everywhere we permit them to be

Antonin Scalia: America’s Good Servant ‘Because He Was God’s First’  Justice’s funeral Mass was both edifying and evangelizing — and unambiguously Catholic

Does religious life have a future?

The new push to end priestly celibacy

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