5 Feb 2016

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Vocations crisis needs prayer, not despair or lax admissions, pope says

What Do Anti-Abortion Demonstrators Want (Besides An End To Abortion)?

Dispatch from Sundance: 'Agnus Dei' - A must-see film that quietly suggests a surprising answer to the problem of evil. - Agnus Dei is set in 1945, amid the ruins of World War II. Mathilde (Lou de Laâge) is a young French doctor working with the Red Cross in Poland. Through an unusual set of circumstances, she comes into contact with a convent of Polish nuns who, she discovers, are in advanced stages of pregnancy. Months earlier, a group of Russian soldiers had broken into the convent and raped the women repeatedly, staying for several days. The horror haunts them still, even while they have tried to regain their faith and practice their vocation. Full of shame, they’re convinced of the need to conceal their condition, lest they be shut down by their superiors. And yet the reminders linger in their own bodies and, nine months later, are about to arrive. [Trailer to the film here]

This Japanese Shrine Has Been Torn Down And Rebuilt Every 20 Years for the Past Millennium

Making Room for the Holy Spirit

Does Europe Have a Future? It’s both a continent and an idea, with an alternately heroic and ignominious past and, until recently, an enviable present. Can the heart of the West survive the 21st century?

Boston HS Students Bury the Dead When No One Else Is There To - "Dear Lord, thank you for opening our hearts and minds to this corporal work of mercy," a student prays

On the Great Council of the Orthodox Church - First Things

Why bother about Christian Unity? - Fr Martin Browne OSB

Pray as you go - Refreshing Traditional Prayers

Gay cake row family faith ‘strengthened’ by court case - McArthurs prepare for appeal hearing

CNA - This LGBT advocate changed his mind about Christian bakers

Deep inside Congo's killer mines lies a story tech companies don't want you to hear

LMFM - Mother Mary - This is the story of Marie Martin Foundress of the Medical Missionaries of Mary who was one of the most extraordinary Irish women of the 20th Century. Born into a wealthy Dublin family on April 25th 1892 the second eldest of twelve children she went on to lead a remarkable life in which she overcame many obstacles to achieve so much. Have a listen to the story of Mother Mary Martin here

China commands that even retired officials shun religion

Byzantine Catholic Nuns Provide Place of Encounter With Christ - Christ the Bridegroom Monastery in Ohio is part of trend in Eastern monasticism in U.S.

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