11 Dec 2011

Advent Compline (Night Prayer) from the Cistercian Nuns of Glencairn

If you would like to listen to Advent Compline from the Cistercian Nuns of Glencairn go to HERE

"The office of Compline marks the end of the monastic day in Glencairn and is chanted by the community in choir without the use of books. The Psalmody for Compline expresses, above all, our trust and confidence in God as the dark of night descends and that the light of Christ continues to shine out as the supreme source of joy in our lives."   

The nuns were also interviewed on the Countrywide programe on RTE Radio One which is available on the RTE Player. It is a beautiful series of interviews and offers an insight behind the cloister (but it is only on the RTE Player for 30 days and may not be available outside the Republic of Ireland).

The sisters also had a reason to celebrate on recently with one sister making first profession recently.

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