19 Dec 2011

Prayer at times of economic trouble

Christmas can be a hard time for many people - the elderly on their own, those who are grieving for loved ones who died during the year. Remember those who are finding it hard this Christmas in our communities especially because of the economic situation and lack of employment. Remember those who are away from home for Christmas in far off lands and will not be around the table for dinner this year.

St Cajetan, patron of the unemployed seeking work, Pray for Us

St Joseph the Worker, Pray for Us

St Patrick - Patron of Emmigrants, Pray for Us

A Prayer at times of Economic Difficulties

Father, times are hard.
They say many people will lose their jobs.
No one can tell how long this crisis shall last.
No assurance can be given
to all who grope in the dark.
But we believe, dear Father
that this too, shall pass,
and there is no trial we cannot be able to conquer
with faith in our spirits
and courage in our hearts.
Protect us dear God
first of all from despair.
Let not our minds be anxious
but let our spirits have peace
that surpasses all understanding.
May we never lose our hope.
May we never lose sight of our awaited morning
when milk and honey
shall flow into our land once again.
May we walk with steadfast feet.
May we work with steady hands.
And may we always believe
that miracles still happen,
for they do happen
even now as we pray.
Let your abounding Grace cloak us with blessings
and may your strength
keep us from every harm.
Vanquish the fear that wishes only
to cast doubt and hopelessness.
Replace it with the loving heart of Jesus Christ,
a love that never fails,
a love that heals and prevails,
a love to keep us warm
as we hold on to each other
in this time of economic worry and uncertainty.
Help those of us who have the means
to be generous to those in need,
especially those who have lost their jobs,
their homes, their peace of mind.
May your Holy Spirit guide and protect us from all evil.

H/T to Bishop Chris Coyne who blogs at Let us walk together: thoughts of a Catholic Bishop

If you can support local Irish charities helping those on the margins affected by the economic crisis, even if only a little, please consider supporting them:

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