14 Dec 2011

Ballad VIII: Of the Annunciation - St John of the Cross

Annunciation - John Collier
It was an angel he beckoned;
it was Gabriel came;
he waved him away on an errand
to Mary - treasure the name.

She must say the right word, this maiden,
for the wonder of wonders to be;
for the Word to be dressed forever
in flesh by the mighty three.

Three had a hand in the work,
but it worked an effect on one.
Who but the Word made flesh?
Where, but in Mary's womb?

The Son had a father before;
first had a mother then.
Mother yes, but no mother
concerning as mothers of men

He had his flesh of her flesh;
so a new life began.
Now the Son of the Highest,
anwers to Son of Man.

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