16 Dec 2011

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Ever fell a bit overwhelmed by Advent and the preparation for Advent? RJ over at when love comes to town has a few thoughts on being Overwhelmed and relieved.......

We continue to recommend Blue Eyed Ennis, Phil has had some wonderful reflections for Advent.
Over at the iBenedictines, Digitalnun has a thoughtful reflection on hospitality and the need to provide space and time for community - Benedict's Bench.
A alternative take on two festive favourites - Jingle Bells and Handel's Messiah!


In a cogent op-ed piece of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Katherine Thomas explains why she has come to find it offensive when acquaintances ask her whether she wants to become a Catholic priest.

Over at A Nun's Life, they have been posting reflections on the Jesse tree and will be reflecting on the O Antiphons over the next few days. Some samples of what has been done so far:
 Head over and check it out.

Some of you may remember the series from RTE Radio "In the poorer quarter" which was written and produced by Aidan Matthews and which was subsequently published in a book by Veritas. The podcasts are available on the RTE website, head over and have a listen to the December podcasts; thought provoking and reflective for this waiting season.

Deacon Greg takes a look at the fact that around the world, someone is always saying the Liturgy of the Hours. The Anchoress has a short post about the LoTH as well.

A Shepherd's post reflects on "the Bell that awaken us to Christ's presence" which is a pause to reflect on the Angelus.

John Allen looks at the perils of a part-time Pope.

Debra Dean Murphy reflects on an Advent of Doubt and Struggle.

Just a Dad playing hero - especially for all the daughter's out there.

The modern welfare state could learn a lot from the Medieval monastery.

We have two ears and one mouth, so we should listen twice as much as we speak. The New York Times has a piece about The Art of Listening from Africa.

Showing how to turn the other cheek, A Victim treats his mugger right.

A tribute to Fr Jerry Roche from Athea who was killed during a robbery in Kenya in 2009.

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