2 Dec 2011

Advent Reflection - Prayer of St Francis (Reloaded!)

Make me a channel of your peace
Where there is sensationalism, let me bring your truth
Where there is flaunting of wealth, your simplicity, Lord
And in the midst of noise, prayerful silence
Make me a channel of your peace
To those obsessed with entertainment , let me bring joy
To the vain and the greedy, your humility, Lord
And to the virtual world, authenticity
O Master grant that I may never seek
Quantity over quality
Individualism over solidarity
Anonymity over transparency
Make me a channel of your peace
It is in friending that we initiate dialogue
In networking that we create positive relations
And in the giving of self in love that we truly communicate
From the blog of Fr Stephen Cuyos.

"I wrote this prayer while preparing for a talk on using social media for evangelization. It is not an entirely new prayer as it is based on the traditional prayer of Saint Francis. I wanted to build on the Franciscan prayer as I wanted mine to be both traditional and modern, both familiar and fresh. The main idea behind this prayer is that in a world obssessed with sensationalism, wealth, enterntainment and individualism, every Christian is called to live a life rooted in simplicity, contemplation, authenticity, the desire to serve and other Gospel values."

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