1 Dec 2011

Some web browsing.........

Put on a the kettle for a cuppa and enjoy some web browsing:

Want to meet a Catholic seminarian and ........his wife

Considering that one quarter of Irish dioceses are without a bishop, an interesting article/interview with Cardinal Marc Ouellet, Prefect of the Congregation of Bishops who advises the Pope on the appointment of new bishops.

Father Steve Grunow takes a deeper look at the Advent hymn, "O Come, O Come Emmanuel," demonstrating that there is more to this song than meets the eye. The song, in revealing the fulfilled expectations of the Israelites in Christ, also reveals something wondrous about the revelation of God in Christ.

Continuing on the Advent links, Not Strictly Spiritual blogs on Advent awakening.

In a season of great watchfulness and expectations Pat Gohn reflects that the new English Translation of the Roman Missal and how it has helped to renew our attentiveness.

Fr Bevil Bremell reflects on Advent - "Caught between the two comings of Christ, we receive light from the past and the coming of Christ into human history, as well as light from the future at His second coming. We need both past and the future – to guide us in the present".

Googling God poses a stark reflection to us about what is the important issues in our local churches and asking "Have we become the Pharisees?"

Tim Muldoon reflects on the new missal - "Liturgy challenges us to see the world as the place where God's kingdom is unfolding right now. We must awake from our slumber to help make it happen".

The following link comes with a health warning - alternative takes on the traditional Crib.

Fr Pat Hogan recently asked the question "Strange that we still don't have a bishop"

A couple of interesting stories from the New York Times - In Russia, the Virgin Mary's belt draws crowds of 800,000 and Ireland tries to reverse declining pototo sales.

Last survivers of the Holocaust keep memories alive.

Phil Lawlor discusses how "Downsizing wont save the Irish hierarchy"

Elizabeth Duffy reflects on how we buy stuff for lives we don't live.

December 1st is World AIDS Day - two challanging articles including a reflection on how Jesus has AIDS and The Catholic Church and World AIDS Day.


  1. This is a fine selection you've compiled here. I'm working my way through them at random
    "Have we become the Pharisees"? is well worth a read.
    I had to laugh at the pomposity of this Bishop's stance.
    The music selections are gorgeous and I'll be pinching them if that is OK.

  2. Thanks a million Philomena, you may "pinch" all you like as we are do pretty much the same from you! Still working through the magnificent reflections you have up and it is only the first week of Advent!!! Pax Shane

  3. Thanks so much Shane.
    I am honoured and humbled by your comments!!

    Blessings for a Holy and peaceful Advent