23 Dec 2011

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Ever wonder about St Joseph at Christmas - the Silent Man of Bethlehem

Weigel blames corrupt form of clericalism for Irish Church's woes
Benedict’s Christocentrism: Realities of a Primary Order - Elizabeth Scalia responds to the media focus on Pope Benedict XVI's health at 85 and reminds us of Christocentrism of Benedict's papacy.

December 23rd - A Liturgical hinge day?

The Continent with only one priest

The Trust that brings me joy - For a positive view on the life and role of a priest -"The other day, as I was standing in the back of church, a parishioner came up to me and handed me an envelope and she said, "Father, same thing as last year." And by this, she meant that she and her family have decided that instead of exchanging gifts this year, they would all make some donation to the needy. There are a few other individuals who do the same thing. They hand me some money and they say, "Father, please give this to somebody who needs it." Besides the joy that comes from witnessing the generosity of these individuals, this occurrence brings me joy for another reason. It sheds light on the life of a priest and how the Faithful look at the priest"

A Polish Catholic woman discovers her Jewish identity.

The Atheists' gift to Christmas - Pray for an atheist -- and thank him for making your holiday season more spiritually significant.

Ever wonder about that long geneology list in the gospel? Webster Bull reflects on how it shows the relentlessness of God.

Vocation isn't a Dirty Word.  

The Catholic Priest with 9 children.

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