11 Jun 2013

9th June 2013 - 10th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year C) - Reflection on Life with Geraldine Creaton

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On this weekends programme, John was joined again by Geraldine Creaton from the Emmanuel Community who has been on to share with us a number of times before. This week they were discussing the understanding and meaning of life in advance of the March for Life which was held in Dublin on Sunday and which 40,000 people attended. We had our regular sharing on the gospel of the day as well as some liturgical odds and ends including saints of the week.

As noted before, this weeks programme podcast is available HERE.

Understanding of life and human dignity

Geraldine leads us in a reflection on the christian understanding of life and the dignity of each human person from conception to natural death - the seamless garment of life. It is a scripturally deep reflection with an encouragment of life and living. How do we know that we are alive? More often then not it is through pain and being transformed through pain. “Pain insists upon being attended to. God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our consciences, but shouts in our pains. It is his megaphone to rouse a deaf world.” - CS Lewis.

Life is about giving yourself - a self donation. Life most livable, a life most real is a life poured out for others. Life is always giving, like  that in a relationship where you surrender yourself to the other to create a greater force of love in the world. 

You can listen to Geraldines interview excerpted from the main programme HERE.

Gospel - Luke 7:11-17

Source - Corinne Peters

This week we return to the gospel of Luke and we are presented with Luke's recounting of the raising of the son of the widow of Nain. But the focus of the gospel is on the compassion of Jesus for this woman who was on the margins of her society and was about to be further cast out with the death of her son. It challenges us to be open and compassionate to those around us and asks us are we aware of the needs of those near us? Are we bringing God to those we meet each day through out our journey through life.

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Liturgical odds and ends

Liturgy of the Hours - Week 2 Psalter; 10th week in Ordinary time

Saints of the Week

June 10th - St Primitivus of Tivoli
June 11th  - St Barnabas (Apostle)
June 12th - St Christian O'Morgair of Clogher
June 13th - St Anthony of Padua
June 14th - St Davnet
June 15th - Bl Thomas Scryven

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