15 Jun 2013

"Horizon of Hope" - The Irish Catholic Newspaper celebrating 125 years

The Irish Catholic is Ireland’s biggest and best-selling religious newspaper. It was founded in 1888 by T.D. Sullivan, a former Lord Mayor of Dublin. The Irish Catholic, published weekly, provides a lively mix of news, analysis and informed commentary about the Church and social issues as they affect Ireland and the wider-world. To mark its 125th anniversary a major conference on the future of the Irish Church was held in All Hallows College, Dublin on June 8th. The conference titled ‘Horizon of Hope’ featured contributions from prominent columnists such as Mary Kenny, David Quinn, Breda O’Brien, John Waters, Nuala O’Loan, and Sarah Carey, exploring various themes in relation to the faith in contemporary Ireland. RTÉ’s Eileen Dunne also chaired a discussion on some of the major issues facing the Church in Ireland.

Speaking at the conference, Papal Nuncio Archbishop Charles Brown said he has seen “shoots of new life springing up” in Ireland during visits to dioceses.

Published on May 5, 1888, the first editorial insisted “it is time that the sentiments of Irish Catholics should be boldly and faithfully spoken”. One of the aims of the newspaper was declared to “preserve the character of the Christian Irishman, to make secure the Christian home, to build out of these elements a Christian self-governing democracy in the land; these are the political and social aims which we shall devote our most strongest endeavours”.

Some of the contributors to the conference will be familiar to SS102fm listeners and readers including David Quinn of the Iona Institute and Maura Garrihy of Youth 2000.

Other videos are available at iCatholic of:
  • John Waters - reflects on how our modern society avoids fundamental questions of being and meaning. The absence of those deeper questions is eroding our longstanding christian culture.
  • Mary Kenny -  reflects that over the passage of time in our lives we can witness how the values of a previous generation can come back to the fore.
  • David Quinn reflects on how Christianity has positively influenced many aspects of modern society including social care and social justice.
  • Nuala O’Loan reflects on Catholicism and public life and the need to resist any move to have religious conviction removed from the public square
  • Breda O’Brien highlights that faith is not an isolated act. Each believer is a link in the great chain of believers who hand on the faith through word and example.
  • Joe Sheridan - Meath footballer Joe Sheridan speaking on the importance of encouraging young people in the faith, the joy of WYD in Madrid and the benefit of practicing our faith.

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