18 Jun 2013

Year of Faith - Face2Faith - Cardinal Tagle: What is faith for me? - Vatican Radio

In the first of a series of special Vatican Radio-produced Youtube videos with the Archbishop of Manila, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, we find out about his own personal experiences of Faith.

Cardinal Tagle is known as the man who cries easily and is remembered as becoming very emotional the day he received the red biretta and was made cardinal by Pope Benedict. He is also known to be very similar to Pope Francis in the style of living and the way he gets around Manila and he is known for standing in for his priests who are unable to celebrate Sunday Masses without any fuss or ceremony. He was regarded as a papabile at the recent conclave but was handicapped due to his age as he is only 59. He attended IEC2012 in Dublin and made quite an impression on his talk about "The Abuse of Children: Accepting Responsibility, Bringing Healing" and also the catechesis he gave about "Communion in the Word".

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