21 Jun 2013

SS102fm Prayer Intentions 2013

As regular listeners and readers of the blog will know, here on SS102fm we have some prayer intentions highlighted for the year 2013 which as a community we have asked you to remember in a special way.

We especially ask those who are house bound or unable to get to Mass on a regular basis  would they consider taking on a prayer intention for the year from one of the following list. We have also suggested a celestial guide whose assistance and intercession could be sought for the intention. If you know someone who is house bound, consider printing off this post and sharing it with them.
  • The Year of Faith - 12 Apostles and the Doctors of the Church (e.g. St. Ambrose, St. Augustine, and St. Catherine of Sienna)
  • Protection of the unborn - St. Joseph, Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Gianna Beretta Molla
  • Marriage and family life - The Holy Family
  • Peace - St. Zachary, Our Lady Queen of Peace, St. Francis of Assisi and the Child of Prague
  • Persecuted Christians - St. Stephen, Martyrs of Uganda, Martyrs of Vietnam and St. Michael the Archangel
  • Government and civil leaders - St. Thomas Moore and St. Jude
  • Cancer patients - St. Peregrine
  • The sick - Our Lady of Lourdes and St. Camillus
  • Diocese of Limerick and the protection and guidance of our new bishop Brendan Leahy - St. Munchin and St. Ita
  • The unemployed and those seeking work - St. Joseph the Worker
  • Emigrants - St. Patrick
  • Vocations - St. Alphonsus Ligouri
  • Priests - St. John Vianney
  • Pope Francis - St Peter, St Francis of Assisi, St Ignatius of Loyola, St George
  • Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI - St. Benedict and St. Joseph
  • The Church - St. Michael the Archangel
  • Youth - St. John Bosco, St. Francesco and St. Jacinta (Seers of Fatima) and Blessed Pier Georgio Frassati

Your parish might find this a good ministry to offer to the housebound, the sick or those who are open to being in a prayer circle. If the clergy and parish pastoral council feel this is a useful idea for 2013, you might proceed like this:
  • Create a list like this which represents the real needs of your parish.
  • Put this information on a small sheet of paper, with a suggested prayer & contact person.
  • Then invite parishioners to sign up (How: by contacting someone? by signing a book? do they need to choose one intention or all?)
  • Ensure that this is not simply offered at Sunday Mass, but also include all those who receive Holy Communion in their homes - they are full members of our communion and a blessing too.
  • Mention the prayer intentions in parish notices/ noticeboard/ newsletter across the year.
  • Celebrate the ministry with a thank you note at Christmas.

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