21 Jun 2013

Some web browsing........

Make a cuppa, pull up a comfy chair and lets take a wander through some interesting odds and ends we came across over the last few weeks.

Pope Francis section:

Il Papa Francesco has been generating a lot of coverage and interest. The following are some of the highlights we picked out.

The non-Pope Francis section(!):

This time last year we were all focused on IEC2012 - has your parish done any follow up on the Congress? The IEC2012 website is still live and full of resources and links to the talks and conferences given last year. You can find all the posts we did on IEC2012 on the blog HERE.

Michael Kelly has a strong and thought provoking article in this weeks Irish Catholic about the need for communities to support and encourage their priests - We need to talk about priests

Politics and Christians in the Holy Land - NCR

BBC - Ancient Irish texts show volcanic link to cold weather

iBenedictines have posted a number of interesting and thought provoking posts lately including
Archbishop Chaput: “If laypeople don’t love their Catholic faith enough…nothing the bishops do will finally matter

Norway's hot new title? The Bible, now outselling 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

An interesting reflection on Psalm 23 (The Lord is my Shepherd) and how it prefigured the Sacraments.

Return to Auschwitz: How Israel keeps Holocaust memories alive. - BBC

NYT - A more secular Europe divided by the Cross

You know how it has been so long since you were last in touch with that old friend? Ever wonder How long is too long?

Our Idols and Ourselves - Elizabeth Scalia unmasks the false gods of everyday life.     

Sex, Love, and God: The Catholic Answer to Puritanism and Nietzcheanism
A Chanting Coffin-Maker: Mother Dolores & the Gift of Agape

Bucket List with a Difference: Dying Wife Leaves Behind Goals for Her Husband After She’s Gone

Christian Life and the Lesson of St. Kevin - Does living an authentic Christian life mean we have to withdraw from society? Hardly. Word On Fire Blog contributor Fr. Michael Cummins is traveling in Ireland and visited the ruins of Glendalough, a monastic city south of Dublin founded by St. Kevin. There, Fr. Cummins discovered a rich example of what living a Christian life can mean, and today he shares what he learned with us.

Theologians approve John Paul II’s second miracle - possible canonisation by the Autumn?

Newly-professed sisters celebrated as 'sign of hope'

Every Francis needs his Claire

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