21 Jun 2013

Pope Francis - the first 100 days

Following on the excitement and interest generated by his election, Pope Francis has now been 100 days in office and the Fourth Estate has been holding forth with their opinions on the successes or failures of this new papacy.

Rather than linking to all the articles individually, we will direct you to Phil over at Blue Eyed Ennis who did a great roundup of the online coverage during the week. Head on over HERE and say hi from us.

Phil has also been busy posting and summarising some of Pope Francis homilies and talks highlighting some of the challenging messages he has presented in a new and refreshing manner.


  1. Many thanks for your encouragement and support linking to my blog. I really do appreciate it.
    I am finding it hard to keep up with all the wonderful homilies from Pope Francis in addition to regular posting.
    I think a side bar blog link just for his homilies may be the way forward?

  2. Phil - great minds think alike!We were just talking about the same thing, perhaps linking to Vatican Radio twitter might be the answer which is what we are hoping to do!Plus maybe the vatican widget.....