15 Jan 2016

15th January - Feast day of St Ita of Kileedy (co-patroness of Limerick Diocese)

Ever living God,
We rejoice in the life of Saint Ita of Killeedy.
We give you thanks for her powerful intercession and we implore her continual protection. Inspire us by her example to live with joy our calling in life, give us perseverance to serve you all our days;
We make this prayer through Jesus Christ our Lord, who with you and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns, one God, world without end. Amen

Jan 15th is the feast day of St Ita of Kileedy - co-patron of the diocese of Limerick. You can find all the previous posts, programmes and reflections about St Ita HERE.
St. Ita used to say that the Lord loves three things in a Christian most of all: faith in God with a pure heart, a spiritual Christian life with simplicity, and generous love; but the Lord especially dislikes in us the following things: a gloomy face (according to another variant: hatred in our hearts), persistence in sin and excessive reliance on money.

An Irish lullaby for the Infant Jesus is attributed to Saint Ita' - The Vision of St Ita
HERE hears her sing: Jesukin lives my little cell within;
What were wealth of cleric high - All is lie but Jesukin.

American composer Samuel Barber created this beautiful piece based on it -

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