16 Jan 2016

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What’s on Pope Francis’ plate for the first part of 2016

This Is What It’s Like To Be Christian And Live Under ISIS

Pope leads a holiday season rich in references to the poor

Cardinal Turkson on Business Vocation   

On baptism day, four thoughts on Pope Francis and liturgy

History and healing: remembering the Stuarts

NYT - Review: In a New Book, Pope Francis Calls Mercy Essential

The Spiritual Case for Dust

Rite & Reason: Government betrays the Republic in desire to placate the ghosts of 1916 - Praising the Rising as the defining event in Irish history implies that it was justified and is a model for political action. 
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin - Spiritual support and 1916

Cornelius 'Con' Colbert From a boy scout to rebel leader with a cause Limerick native wept openly when told he had to surrender, writes Leanne Blaney

A Church for the Broken

In the Caucasus, bishop blesses a holy door in an open field

Archbishop of Canterbury working with Pope to establish common Easter date for all Christians
Unpacking the sadness of Pope Francis - "If the Pope’s messages sounded bleak, it is because he cares at a deeply personal level about people who suffer", writes Andrew O'Connell

Busted and Broken, Blessed and Reformed - A rosary rescued from ruin reminds us that we worship a God of second chances

A Primer on Indulgences, Part 1 - The Church still believes in indulgences? Even after Martin Luther?

“Amazing”: What Happened When One Parish Invited Anyone to Stop by and Meet a Priest - "From teenagers to seniors. Single people, couples. Whole families came to talk, some even from out of state!"

Work hard, pray hard: Ranching nuns find ‘balance in life’ The lifestyle of the sisters at the Abbey of St. Walburga in Colorado is attracting attention from discerning women — and curiosity-seekers

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