6 Jan 2016

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ISIS’ War on Christmas

The Most Holy Name of Jesus

Clear and colorful: A common property in unscripted papal preaching

7 ways that St. Faustina is influencing Pope Francis on mercy

Star Wars and the Isle Named for St. Michael the Archangel - Lent is coming, and the world is counting on us

Pádraig Pearse’s overtly Catholic Rising was immoral and anti-democratic - Timing of Rising for Easter was deliberate - and intended to signify a risen people commensurate with risen Christ

Media should give more space to good news, Pope Francis says after grim year

Ukraine debates whether to celebrate Christmas twice

Living in the city of the dead | The Wider Image 

Joe Humphreys: Why Irish atheists still need the Catholic Church. The church in Ireland promotes fundamental values and provides the basic unit of community.

Which of us is the pagan society now? - "Irish leaders...seem to strive to avoid underlining faith’s role in Christmas traditions" unlike our English neighbours, writes Mary Kenny

In 2016 British bishops should embrace unpopularity and speak out against the secular consensus

Catholic Herald Books blog: The Irish ‘fairytale’ to challenge today’s secular orthodoxy

Charlie Hebdo's anti-God cover is unfair, says Vatican paper 

“Genuinely One for the History Books”: First Catholic Service at Hampton Court Chapel in 450 Years

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