19 Jan 2016

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Pope Francis visits Rome synagogue, condemns violence in name of religion

Disappearing Angels: Why Those With Down’s Syndrome are Facing “Extinction”

Wow: Nun, a Former POW, Celebrates 80 Years in the Habit

How an Obscure Rosary Led Me Closer to Mary - Even if she is the queen of heaven and earth, she's not so far away

Even the saints had sin in their past, Pope Francis recalls

In the Footsteps of Grace: The “Impressive” Faith of Monaco’s Catholic Princess

Martin Luther, Father at Vatican II

A Joint Catholic-Lutheran ‘Common Prayer’ for 500 years of Reformation

Hebrew graffiti at Jerusalem monastery threatens Christians

Are there really two popes? - Benedict XVI’s resignation and his enigmatic life as Pope Emeritus have inspired ludicrous conspiracy theories. It’s time to put them to rest

In pursuit of silence - My annual sojourn into the Sinai Desert

An Oregon hermit: The life is 'not for the faint-hearted'

Alone, Not Lonely: On Modern Hermits

Modern-Day Hermits: Answering the Call to Solitude, Prayer. While we might think of hermits as relics of the Church’s medieval past, today there are many who devote their lives entirely to solitary prayer.

The modern hermit living in an end-of-terrace house

Getting closer to God: Meet the monk who lives a life of virtual solitude on top of a 131ft pillar and has to have food winched up to him by his followers

Two Catholic Presidents and the escalation of the Vietnam War

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